Thursday, August 7, 2008

Pray for my dad and Sam please!!!

So most of you know about my dad's deal but for those who don't...I'll briefly update you. Basically my dad tore his rotator cuff?! Over a year ago. He finally had surgery and seemed to be on the up and up.
He was unable to go back to carpet installing but his arm was getting better.
Well, one day he was sitting in "his" chair and his arm started buggin' him. For some crazy reason, his arm is jacked up again! (Poor old man)
So he cannot use his right arm. Pretty much, not at all.
He's struggling w/ depression and a bunch of other crap. (I won't get into all that right now)
I'm so sad for him. He's so discouraged and frustrated.
Sam Huntting is a kid I taught at WCS and I'm pretty good friends w/ his mom. Sam was in a serious car accident and he is in ICU up in Portalnd. I have a link to a blog his friends and family made but for some stupid reason I can't add it as a link on my blog. (can anyone help?) I have no idea what the heck the deal is.
Anyway, please keep him in your prayers too. So young and sweet!
God is in control and has a plan! Right?!
I hate it when my friends and family hurt!
Thank you all for any support and prayers you have to offer!
Love & hugs,

Monday, July 28, 2008

First Day On The Job...

Hi friends!
My first day of my new job was today! It went really well. Long though ;('s been a while since I've worked! (unfortunately) I think I'm really going to like working here though. It just seems good! You know, not really just know! I think they do their employees well!
They told us that we were 10 of over 200 interviewed! Holy crap! That made me feel good!
We will have 6 weeks of training before the "real" thing.

That's about it. I'll keep you posted. Hopefully it will get more interesting! ;)

Oh...please keep praying for my schedule too. I won't know what it is until the 4th or 5th week of training. I'm praying for hours that will best fit for me and my kids.

Also, please pray for a car for me. I have no idea what to do. I've informed everyone I can think of and asked around and I think I may start looking into financing a car but I am clueless. Please pray that God give me wisdom and guidance! I know He will!
I pray He give me peace through this process.

Bless you all & have a fantastic week!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

car update & starting new job...

So I hired an attorney to help handle the car situation. I was having problems w/ the "other" car ins. company. Now I don't have to worry, just wait until my attorney has dealt w/ it.
I am looking for a vehicle now. Anybody know of any good deals for a reliable one?! I'd like a Honda Accord again or something similar. Maybe a Toyota 4Runner? My old Accord was such a good car. Good w/ gas too.
Anyway, as I said before God gave us our past two cars so I'm praying if He wants to do that again, cool, but if not that He would lead me and show me how to purchase a car. I'm a tad clueless when it comes buying a car and knowing what to look for etc...

My attorney also referred me to a chiropractor. I started going Thursday. Man, I didn't realize how much my body really hurt. ( & how out of shape I am :[ ) The chiropractor seems to be helping already. I went Thursday & Friday and will be going for a while.

I start my new job, finally, on Monday. I'm very excited! Hopefully my neck & back pain won't interfere too much.

That's all for now. Keep me in your prayers & let me know of a vehicle that may be available! ;)
Love & hugs to all <3

Sunday, July 20, 2008

on a lighter note...

Griff took a tub last night and as he was getting out he saw himself in the mirror. He noticed his arms and legs are very tan. He said with a concerned tone, "Mom, am I turning into a black person?!"

A friend sent me this quote..."Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning the devil says, "Oh crap! She's up!"

Another friend shared this one w/ me...
"Forgiveness is giving up any hope for a better past!"

Love you all! Have a fabulous, sunny Sunday!

Friday, July 18, 2008

car wreck continued...3rd time...

So I got a call yesterday and yes my car is totaled! :[
I'm sad but hopeful! God has given us the past two cars we've had so I'm praying for our next one. I know He will provide one that will be just right for us!
Keep praying that the "other" ins. gets a move on. They seem to be taking their own sweet time.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

car wreck continued....

More updates on the incident...
I was alone in my car. Thankfully my kids were at home!
I still haven't heard yet but I have a feeling they will total my car. It's a '93 and has quite a few miles on it. I'm praying that God will provide me another car either for free or for the amount I will receive from the settlement. The past two cars I have had have been GIVEN to me. It's been such a blessing not to have a car payment.
I would rent a car knowing I'd be reimbursed but I have no money and no credit card so...Praise God for my dear friends, George & Ellen, they have an extra vehicle so they will let me borrow their car until I get through everything else! May God bless them back!!!!
Please keep me in your prayers. I'll will keep you updated....

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

car wreck

I hurt so I will give a brief update...
I was on my way to WinCo yesterday on I-5 south. Someone rear ended me and forced my car forward I then spun around and hit the other end of my car against the meridian. My car then stopped in the middle lane facing on coming traffic. Everyone is ok but my neck and shoulder area is VERY SORE and STIFF! I went to the hospital yesterday.
I am totally broke (financially) and can't drive my car. The other person was at fault and fined for reckless driving. So now I'm praying the ins. works it out quickly to either fix my car or get me a rental or something.
The accident could have been MUCH worse so thank God for what happened.
Pray for me....